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"how to earn money on Tronchain"

TRONCHAIN has been upgraded to Eclipcity Global. Eclipcity Global is now improved, more reliable and sustainable. Join Eclipcity Global now and earn massively, your return on deposit (rod) starts dropping the following day. You can withdraw it to your wallet if you like.

This is the best way to make money online, if you don't make it here (which is not possible), cut my head I will eat it. Joking apart, I'm very sure you will make it here, look at our Smart Contract Balance, over 754 million TRON is there ( that is over $22 million). This is very huge, there's no way you won't make it, your success is 100% guaranteed.

The success of any smart contract is determined by it Balance. The more it is, the higher the chance to make it within a very short time. If you know how to go about it, within 3 days you will accomplish your mission.

Sign up on Eclipcity Global

Eclipcity Global was launched on January 8 this year to replace Tronchain that transformed so many lives last year. To confirm check the testimonies shared by some few people. It is certain that Eclipcity Global will surpass it, people have been testified to it already.

This is a golden opportunity that will not just change our lives but transform it completely. It will give you a lifestyle that you never dreamed of. Make money online with Eclipcity Global

As usual, people have been earning fortunes on it already. Stop doubting while others are making it. The minimum deposit is 500 TRON (about $15) to about 100,000 TRX, join Eclipcity Global now and earn massively.

Seeing is believing, let learn from others.
This woman completed her cycle (triple her deposit) in 2 days, earned so much and got 3 star that takes months for some to get

This guy also triple his deposit within 2 days, re-deposit again and triple it again to achieve 4 star. These people don't have two heads, let copy them we will achieve massive result.

Make money online

One smart guy bought iphone through Eclipcity Global, this guy deposited heavily and earned massively within a week. See oh!

Buy iphone through Eclipcity Global

"Naija no dey carry last". Do you remember this guy? He bought 2 cars through Tronchain! Go and check the Testimonies you will find him there. Dear readers, where are you? Show up, this is high time you should buy your car too! Congrat sir. Make money online

See the screenshot of a recent withdrawal, not first but fourth. She completed her cycle four times within 8 days. People are making money here.

This person confirmed that she has completed her cycle 6 times within 10 days, what a great success!

Make money online with Eclipcity Global

After earning so much, he finally revealed his secrets. If you follow it, you will triple your deposit within 3 days. Really? Yes oh, just try it. Make money online with Eclipcity Global

"Star 5 in less than 5 days! Never ever settle for less". That is golden advice, if well implemented you will get a massive result. See another one from a vibrant lady who know where she is going. What a man can do, a woman can do better.

She was so happy targeting star 5, you will be so happy too if you can try it. Forget about other scam projects, this one is real. See evidences from people like you, just understand how it's work. Sign up and start making money repeatedly, Make money online 5

After 5 days, she finally achieved her mission of getting 5 star. Besides that, she has also completed her cycle 12 times within 2 weeks. She claimed to have earned a profit close to $1,000 Imagine that, that is splendid. My dear friends if you don't join, you can't achieve anything here.

If this lady can perform excellently like this, you should be able to do better than her. I know what I am seeing here! Money, money, money, people are making money here, join now let rock it together. Please join with my invitation link, it is at the bottom of the page.

See another one, those guys are already in money. While others are still doubting, they are making cool money. Please dear readers don't leave this site without joining.

Don't be a doubting Thomas, If you know how much he had earned, you will be amazed. Stop looking for something that is not missing. Money you are looking for is in Eclipcity Global, come and earn it. See another one.

Make money online with Eclipcity Global

"This is boss on top" over 25 million TRX deposited through him in just one week just because he followed his brother's instructions. It would have been more than that by now and he would have earn more.

Are you still thinking whether to join or not? Join for good, people are doing it and they are making a lot of money.

Over 100,000 members can't be wrong. Sign up now, you will be glad you did. Testimonies are plenty here if I continue to place it here, the page will be too lengthy. Above all, join with my invitation link..

After signing up, I know you will triple your account within a week especially if you have a focus like that of a vibrant lady targeting 5 star and also if you can follow Ajiboye Advice. I will mention your name and do what I did above for you just to promote you. Plenty money is here, come and earn it with us.


To sign up, you need TRON wallet, If you don't have TRON wallet:
1.Download Token Pocket from play store. Do it now so that you don't forget.
2.After downloading, open it, create account, choose TRX, create password, it will open the menu, please always remember the password you created, you will need it later.
Note: Write down the 12 words recovery phrase and keep them safe. Do not share it with anyone.
3. To get your wallet address, open token pocket. Click on the receive, then copy or tap the long code in blue. That is your wallet address.
4. Next thing is to fund it. To fund your wallet, you need to copy your wallet address and paste it on either Binance, or on any site you chose on Bestchange or Roqqu depending on your country. Make sure you add 20TRX extra as transaction fee. Copy my invitation link:


5. Paste the link you copied on the DApp browser of your wallet. (You will see it by clicking DApp icon on your Tokenpocket wallet). Click search, It will take you to the Eclipcity Global site.
6. Click the amount of the TRX you want to deposit by tabbing until you get the amount and then click Join. A small window will appear asking you if you want to change the referral link, (please don't change it).
7. Click Join. It will ask you to enter the password, enter it and click confirm. Your account will be created instantly. Congratulations!

Make money online with Eclipcity Global


You are entitled to 310% and this 310% is returned in 4 ways (1 passive and 3 via marketing) and when the 310% is accumulated through any of the 4 ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to continue receiving from the fund

If you don't bring anybody, you will be getting 1% daily and it will take you more than 3 months to complete your 310%. See it as if you bought stocks, leave it there, let it grows. But if you promote the project by inviting people you can get this 310% in a week or two. The speed of your earning depends on your efforts and your referrals.

Even in just one day you can triple your deposit depending on the amount deposited by your referrals. No scam, you can join the Eclipcity Global Telegram Group now and even chat with Admin and other moderators just to alleviate your fear. But don't let them snatch you, when you are ready to deposit please use my invitation link.

Note: If you don't know how to refer, it is not compulsory. It is like keeping your TRX in bank! You will still triple your deposit but take longer time than when you refer.

The good news about this is that TRX would have gone up by then. So it is better to buy your TRX now at a lower price, Keep it for sometimes to appreciate and then sell at higher price. If same idea has been applied to Bitcoin, you would have become a millionaire by now. Join Eclipcity Global, it is not compulsory to refer, just let EG saves and multiply your TRX for you. That is simple way to make money online.

This is not a scam project. It has been tested, proven legit and lucrative and it will go for a long period of time because the creator, Andreas Kartrud is not after investor's money and this smart contract has several different projects financing it.

I guarantee you 100% that you won't lose any money. Infact, money you have never earned on internet before this is the time you will earn it. Just give it a try, you would wish you had done it earlier. Check out what you don't know about the creator and be rest assured that your deposit is in safe hands.

Make money online

As you can see, this is a genuine platform, I cordially invite you to partake in this life changing opportunity. Read what other people are saying.

Look at our statistics, there is wide gap between total TRX deposits and amount withdrawn by member that is what we call Smart contract balance. You can see it is over 740 million TRX as at the time of writing this. It is very huge despite the fact that people keep withdrawing. That is evidence that no matter how much you deposit into the system, you will get it back with profit. Apart from this, there is another one calls Insurance balance just to ensure that you don't lose your money. Relax, join us, you will make money here.


In case you want to login to your account, don't use your normal browser. It looks like this. It won't display properly, login through your wallet. All you need to know will be displayed for you. Don't forget to copy your own invitation link and share it with your families and friends. See how you can benefit from them if they join through you.

1.) 10% Direct Referral Commission for Sharing and Growing the Community Fund.
2.) Matching Commission on Partners Daily, 30% Income every time they make a withdrawal


You earn 10% of what your direct referrals deposit, let say he or she deposited 10,000 TRX, you automatically get 1,000 TRX. Imagine if you have like 10 people under you, those ten might bring more than 100 people under you and you will be receiving matching bonus from all of them when they withdraw their earning, apart from 10% direct referral that you get when they make deposit.

The guy invited 27 direct referrals and those 27 invited another 627 making 654 partners. The guy will be making money on all of them. Is that not a great opportunity to make money online? And you will continue to earn it as long as this platform exists.

Note: You get matching bonus when your direct referrals and indirect referrals withdraw their daily earnings. Anytime your direct referrals withdraw, you get 30% of his daily withrawal. If he doesn't withdraw, it will continue to accumulate untill when withdrawal is done.

Imagine that! Matching Commission up to the 12th generation, that is where people make lots of money. Money will be dropping to your dashboard even when you stop referring people.


Don't think you can't do it, you can _ stop hesitating and doubting, join Eclipcity Global now I assure you, you won't regret it.

Stop being pessimistic, Eclipcity Global is not going to close down. We are getting stronger day by day, stop your nonchalant attitude, change your mind and join us. Your financial status will skyrocket completely. I can't wait to see you there.

Thank you so much for sparing your precious time with us, please check other pages and come back again. We really appreciate it, please join us through my link. Fortune smiles on you, don't let it go. God bless you, thank you so much.