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"how to make money online in Nigeria"
Welcome, this is Drdollar Investment Concepts (DIC)

My name is Adekunle Idowu (NOBLE ID) I'm the admin here, please spare me some minutes to read what we have for you. Thanks you very much for your patience.

Beware of scammers

Statistics show that millions of people come online day in day out searching for different ways to make money online. Unfortunately, 75% of them have been scammed and will still be scammed as a result of their desperations to make money online. I was no exception, I have been scammed too. You need to be extraordinary careful in order to avoid falling into scammers' trap, look before you leap.

If we voluntarily leave online businesses to those scammers. They will continue to dupe innocent of their hard earned money. We need to step in to prove to the world that one can make money online without scamming others and that we can create a platform where people will be making money easily and get paid directly into their bank accounts. This is real and is absolutely possible, see how it works.

How it works

Simply invest at least N1000. Seven days after, you will get alert of N600 paid directly into your bank account and after another seven days you get another N600 which means that your N1,000 get you N1,200. Just as your N5,000 get you N6,000 while your N10,000 get you N12,000. See the table below for more clarification.

Note that this is not a double money or a get rich quick scheme program. We invest your money in crypto-currencies which take some times before bringing profit. That is why it takes 7 days to get half of your money and the profit and we balance everything after another seven days. This is purely an Investment, not a dubious mean to scam people.

We also trade foreign exchange (forex). The screenshots of the trades we execute will be thrown open to the members for them to see how it goes. We can tell you authoritatively that we are experts in this field. As a matter of the fact we are ready to showcase our professionalism, just be rest assured that your money is in capable hands and you will get it back together with profit.

We run a transparent scheme, once your transaction is completed, text your name and the username to +2348074058553 to notify us. After confirming your payment, your name and amount you paid will appear here and you will get a message on when to receive your first and second payments. We are looking forward to doing business with you and not to scam anybody, you can test us with N1,000. You will see we keep to our word.

Foreigners are highly welcome

To all our foreign readers, thanks for being there. You have all been absolutely wonderful. You can also participate in this profitable program by paying with your Perfect Money. To pay with Perfect Money, send a message "I want to pay with PM" to Admin on WhatsApp (+2348034106051). Account detail will be forwarded to you including the date when you will receive your first and second payments. See the table below for more clarification.

Internet can change your life positively

Internet has power and potential to make one successful especially when one knows how to tap it. When the power and potential of Internet is combined with a great compensation plan like this. You have no excuse not to be successful big time. This is your chance to recover and refire to create a momentum that leads to dramatic success. Success is waiting, grab it now.

What are you waiting for?

Do business with us, we promise never to run away with your money. Our sincerities is beyond doubt, seeing is believing, a trial will definitely convince you and you will be glad you did. Thank you very much for sparing your precious time with us. We really appreciate it, God bless you as you do business with us.

Any questions for us?

For further queries, send your text messages or voice messages to +2348034106051 on WhatsApp or Telegram. Our Admin will be happy to answer your queries. Please don't call to avoid distraction, just text or voice messages.