We accept perfect Money (Pm) only.

The first thing you need to do is to go to perfect money website and register for an account. Click here to go to Perfect Money website to sign up for free

upon completing your registration, login with your member ID and password. After logging in under "My Accounts" you will see 3 accounts numbers: G stands for British pounds, U stands for US dollar, E stands for European dollar. The one that start with U is the one that you will be using. Next step is to fund it.

It is very sure that perfect money agents are in your locations, locate them and buy perfect money (pm) directly from them or go to perfect money website, look for exchanger tab in the top right menu, click on it, it will display all their verified agents. Look for the one that is in your country, you can buy directly from the site. Very soon we will open a page on this site where people will be able to buy or sell pm at a cheaper price, you can also ask admin may be pm is available for sale at a cheaper price.

We are using perfect money because it is so fast and reliable. Moreover, we don't want to owe anybody any money, you don't need our approval before you can withdraw your money, you take it anytime it is there, everything is instant. And also we want our business to be global.

You can buy $13, send $12.5 to us, Perfect Money system will charge you for processing your transaction from the remaining $0.5

Why we won't pay you when we are not ready to fold up, if we fail to pay we won't be able to meet our target, is like using one $12.5 to forfeit lots of $12.5, which doesn't make sense. Who does that? Perish your fear, we will pay you.

Yes, we accept investors from all over the world, in as much as they have perfect money account, if they don't, they should register for it first.

Referral link is the text link or Ad banner that you will be used to refer your people to us, anytime you are referring people to us, just make sure that they register through your link.

let assume that you have $32 in your perfect money account and two of your friends want to register, since they need to buy $13 each, you can sell to them directly from your account and you get paid in your own currency(you need to see what will happen here, you sold $26 pm and you gain $20 back instantly). You can also sell your pm to perfect money agent, they are always ready to buy it. Also, you can convert your pm to other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and convert it to your currency through Luno.

. After making your withdrawal request , the request will be processed automatically, and the payment will be sent to your pm account immediately. It enters your account instantly

The referral link is available in the email that we sent to you.

You can reach us by sending your email to We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.