"how to make money online in Nigeria"

Welcome sir/ma. My name is Adekunle Idowu, thank you for coming here. Let me start with.......


If truly you want to make money online in Nigeria, you need to join one amazing news platform that makes millions of naira every month and share it among their members. That site pays you ₦50 daily for login to the site (that is what Facebook, Google, whatsapp can't do). Pay you to read latest news online and even credit your account with ₦1,000 every time anyone joins with your link. The bottom line is to join that site so that you can benefit from their programs.

Sincerely, if you see it the way I'm seeing it, I'm telling you, you can be making ₦1,000 daily on that site. No be exaggeration, I know what I'm saying. That site is Newsnaira, in fact you need to start making money on it asap.

"How to make money online in Nigeria"


With one time payment of ₦1,600 you could be making at least ₦5,000 to ₦50,000 every Saturday. Yes it is real and possible, If it is possible for my boss Mike Ogaga, why not you? Give it a try. Hopefully, you will be glad you did.


The fact that you are earning money somewhere doesn't mean you should not participate in this one. Don't depend on a single source of income, double your source to make more money, too much money no dey kill person. All millionaires possess multiple sources of income. This helps them to manage economic challenges and also make them more money. You need to start making money online, turn your home to an office. Stop burning your data.

"How to make money online in Nigeria"

To attain a greater height inside life, you need multiple sources of income, don't limit yourself to just one. sign up on Newsnaira.. This platform is paying, if not I won't be wasting my time. Seeing is believing, see my alert.

"How to make money online in nigeria"
"How to make money online in Nigeria"
"How to make money online in Nigeria"

As you can see, my name appeared last on the screenshot I took from Newsnaira. However, you don't need to doubt, Newsnaira is doing excellently well and is paying. To confirm what i'm saying, click on the payment list on Newsnaira site to see plenty Payment Proofs. Sign up and start getting alert every Saturday. You don't need to scare referring people, you need just two people to cash out your earning. Just 2, I repeat. Don't worry you will get them, fear not.

Over 75,000 people have joined this platform and they are happy cashing out their money every week, I implore you to register through my link. Please register now, you can pay ₦1,600 later to activate your account. More so, don't forget to activate it, it is very important. It is when you activate it that you will start making money, please do it now.

"How to make money online in Nigeria"

Some people have registered and they didn't border to activate their accounts ( click here to see the list ). It is not good, I feel terribly sad and depressed about it. Please if you registered, don't forget to activate it I beg you sir. How much is N1,600 compare to what you will earn. Mike Ogaga is a human being like you, he has earned over N500,000 on NEWSNAIRA site. He doesn't have two heads, if he could make such amount, you can do the same even better. What it takes is determination, determine to make a difference, work towards it and you will. See one of his earnings.

See another one, don't limit yourself. I know you can do better than him, take action now. Stop procrastinating, try it.

See another one that he earned on Saturday 25th April 2020. Don't dull yourself join today and start making money asap

"How to make money online in Nigeria"

Mike Ogaga again, this guy is a genius. Alert of N52,000 rolled in on Saturday May 16, 2020. Stop your window shopping, take the bull by the horns and let alerts start rolling in every Saturday.

"How to earn money online in Nigeria"

What else can I say, alert of N33,000 rolled in again on Saturday 23rd, May 2020. Don't be afraid of taking risks, the person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and is nothing. You are not nothing! Take action.

Thank you so much for sparing your time with us, we really appreciate it. Most importantly, take a step. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, don't leave without signing up I beg you. God bless you as you do so, God bless all of us, God bless Nigeria. Once again thank you so much. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

Note this - If you sign up and your account is not activated within a day, I will add your number on whatsapp to keep reminding you to activate it. But, honestly you don't need to wait for that. Activate it in time and start making money.